Are you looking to create a distinctive space that anticipates your lifestyle and reflects your personal style? Or have you already begun a project and feel surprisingly overwhelmed by what seems like endless details and decisions that are required? Working with an interior designer is the best way to streamline the planning process and help you realize the ideal version of your home or commercial space. We take our job seriously, love what we do and strive to create spaces as functional as they are beautiful.



Typical Services

space planning
interior architecture + details
3D visualization
custom millwork design / built-ins
plumbing + equipment selection
lighting plans + fixture sourcing
architectural finishes + paint selection
furniture sourcing
custom furniture design
custom window treatments


1 | full service design

Our studio specializes in designing entire residences, commercial spaces or rooms from concept to completion. Our interiors are fresh, casual and denote an effortlessness that can only be achieved through intentional design that is imagined very early on in the design process. With an eye to the latest products and trends, Jenilee Greene Design always balances utility with current design. Sophisticated neutrals, texture and natural materials, punctuated by bold accents are staple elements in most spaces we design.

With experience on projects small and large, clients are guided through the abundance of critical decisions associated with your project whether it’s redecorating, remodeling or new construction. Under our management, clients are able to minimize potentially costly mistakes, ensure the result is cohesive and stays true to the design intent, and enjoy the watching the process unfold!

While our professional services are most effective when we direct your project from inception to completion, we also understand this isn’t always possible. If you find yourself needing guidance on an existing project, we are more than happy to assist.

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2 | e-design

Through the use of web conferencing and email, we are able to offer the majority of our design services with the same success and high-quality results that we insist upon for each and every one of our projects. Our process is simple and has proven to be a cost effective alternative for those clients who either do not require our full range of services or are comfortable assuming a larger role in the initial set-up and execution phases of the project.

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